APAC: ADP close to finalizing consortium for Hokkaido airports bid

27 July 2018 - 12:00 am UTC

ADP International is close to finalizing its consortium ahead of the 16 August first round bid deadline for the Hokkaido airports concession in Japan.

“As of now, we intend to participate,” in the ADP-led consortium said a spokesperson for Hokkaido- based resort operator Kamori Kanko. ADP International declined to comment on the members of its consortium.

Tobu Railway is also “mulling taking part in the tender in a positive manner,” said a spokesperson for the Tokyo-based railway operator.

It would be a member of the ADP-led consortium once it reaches a conclusion, said the spokesperson, who said that a final decision has not yet been made.

Tobu operates a hotel and a golf course on Hokkaido island while Kamori Kanko runs ski, hotel and other resort facilities there.

Tokyo Tatemono is also considering bidding for the concession, said a spokesperson.

The condominium developer joined forces with Manchester Airports Group to bid for the Fukuoka Airport concession.

The Tokyo Tatemono declined to comment on how it will team up with others to bid for the bundle of seven Hokkaido-based airports included in the concession.

Other bidders for the Hokkaido airports concession include a consortium led by regional entity Hokkaido Airport Terminal (HKK) which has teamed up with the Development Bank of Japan, Mitsubishi Estate and railway operator Tokyu Corp.   

Japanese leasing giant Orix also plans to bid for the concession, with Vinci Airports.