Asia’s main infrastructure stories over the holiday period

29 March 2019 - 12:00 am UTC

CREC-CREC consortium wins USD 1.4bn intercity railway PPP

A consortium formed by China’s two biggest railway developers won the RMB 9.4bn (USD 1.4bn) intercity railway project connecting Chinese eastern metropolitan of Nanjing to Chuzhou in the east of Anhui province.

According to a government document released on 21 December the The China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) consortium beat rival bids from the China Communication Construction Company and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) consortia to DBFOM the 33km Phase 1 of the Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway PPP. 

The elevated railway will start from the Fengyang North Road and end at the Chahe County at the border between Anhui and Jiangsu provinces. It will have eight stations, a rolling stock depot, two substations and a control center. Construction will be completed by June 2022 with an operation period of 26.5 years.

CREC comprises of CREC 4th Bureau Group, CREC Zhejiang Investment Development, China Railway Construction Investment Group, China Railway Construction Investment Fund Management, CREC 12th Bureau Group . Chuzhou is located at the west fringe of the Yangtze River Delta. Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, as well as Nanjing-Xi’an Railway run through the city.

Tender opens for USD 9.4bn Dongguan metro PPP
The tender for an RMB 65bn (USD 9.4bn) urban rail PPP project is poised to open in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan in neighbouring Shenzhen. Interested bidders had until 5:30pm on Thursday (27 December) to obtain the bidding document for the 58km metro line, with the tender to open on 1 January, according to a statement from the Dongguan development and reform commission.

The successful private investor is expected to DBFOM the project, 30km of which is underground. The line spans from the Wanghong Station in the northwest to Huangjiang Centre in the city’s southeast bordering Shenzhen. The project has a total of 21 stations.

The metro line will be the first of its kind in the 8.3 milllion population Chinese electronic manufacturing hub, where tech titan Huawei is headquartered. Four substations and a control centre are scheduled to be constructed.

The winning bidder will undertake the project under a 26-year concession period. Construction will take six years while the operation will last for 20 years. The project is expected to generate revenue from metro ticket sales, advertising as well as retail rent, while also benefiting from the government’s viability gap funding scheme. The USD 9.4bn PPP will be 81% funded through equity, which will be 49.5% contributed by the government and 50.5% by the private investor. 


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