Case Study: The ‘mission critical’ take-private of Zayo

24 March 2020 - 12:00 am UTC

An EQT and Digital Colony team paid over USD 14bn for US-based digital infra giant Zayo, in the process attracting almost three times the debt required and some questionable behavior among rival bidders, reports Matt O’Brien as the digital infrastructure business is quickly finding out, even social distancing needs a network.

“We have seen a significant spike in spot bookings from customers asking for more services,” says Digital Colony Partners CEO Marc C. Ganzi of communications infrastructure provider Zayo Group Holdings. A reference to the sudden jump in demand stemming from the greatest work-from-home experiment in human history that kicked off last week.

Digital Colony, EQT Partners and affiliates of Fidelity Investments closed a USD 14.3bn buyout of the Boulder, Colorado-based broadband provider a few weeks ago.

“One thing revealed in this pandemic is that broadband infrastructure is mission-critical and, dare I say, is what’s keeping our economy going… which literally would come to halt right now if not for this,” says Ganzi.

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