Colombia receives two bids for landmark metro project

03 October 2019 - 12:00 am UTC

Colombia received two bids for the USD 4.4bn Bogotá Metro project, officials said during a press conference held by Empresa Metro de Bogota (EMB) on 3 October.


Following a slight delay in the tender process and concerns from potential bidders, the project secured bids from two of the five remaining consortia.


The consortia that presented bids are:


  • Metro de Bogotá: FCC Concesiones de Infraestructura, Carso Infraestructura y Construcción, Promotora del Desarrollo de América Latina (IDEAL)
  • Apca Transmimetro: China Harbour Engineering, Xi’an Metro Company


Below are the bids received:


Component A

Component B

Component H

Metro de Bogotá

COP 4.40trn

USD 1bn

COP 37bn

Apca Transmimetro

COP 4.07trn

USD 990bn

COP 35bn


Component A is the sum of payments in pesos during the works, Component B consists of the sum of payments in dollars at the construction stage and Component H consists of quarterly payments in pesos during the operation.


The three consortia that did not present bids are:


  • Unión Metro Capital: Sacyr Concesiones Colombia, Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles CAF, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, STOA
  • Consorcio Sunrise: Acciona Construcción, Impregilo International Infraestructures and Hitachi Rail
  • Apca Metro Capital: Controladora de Operaciones de Infraestructura, ICA Constructora, PowerChina International Group, Siemens Project Ventures, Strukton Integrale Projecten


A total of six bidders pre-qualified for the project. The sixth pre-qualified bidder, an OHL-led consortium, withdrew from the process in August.


EMB expects to award the project on 21 October and plans to sign the contract the following week, said Bogotá Mayor Enrique Peñalosa Londoño during the press conference.


When asked if the changing mayoral administration could affect the success of the project, Peñalosa stressed, “There is no risk that someone could enter into the mayor’s office and be able to change this project. With the presentation of bids, any changes would result in demands for billions [of pesos].”


Once completed, the metro will bring enhanced public transportation to a city in desperate need of it, explained the mayor. The works include over 24km of light rail running from Portal Las Américas in the southwestern Bosa neighborhood of the city to Avenida Caracas in the southeast.


As the deadline to present bids approached, developers expressed concerns about the costs and risks associated with potential offers.


Two sources said that financing the project would be challenging as the contract requires the eventual concessionaire to begin construction shortly after signing the contract.


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