Coronavirus: Purple Line P3 potential change order relates to possible force majeure

16 March 2020 - 12:00 am UTC

Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP) filed a potential change order relating to a possible force majeure stemming from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on 12 March, according to Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA).

PLPT, a consortium led by Fluor, Meridiam and Star Americas Infrastrucure Partners, was awarded a USD 5.6bn contract to DBFOM the Purpline Line in June 2016.

The consortium filed the potential change order with the Maryland Transit Administration stating that COVID-19 may lead to direct impacts to PLTP and the design-build contractor, its subcontractors and the project work.

“If the effects of COVID-19 result in impacts to the critical path which delay the revenue service availability (RSA) date, there may also be delay costs, delay interest, and impacts to the O&M [operations and management] contractor, Purple Line Transit Operators. CAF’s subcontractors are being directly affected by the contingency measures imposed in China, that are resulting in additional customs procedures for import and export (either stopped or suffering a long waiting time),” the change order document states. 

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