Head of IDB Invest’s Infra and Energy Division returns to Santander

16 January 2020 - 12:00 am UTC

Javier Rodríguez de Colmenares left his post as IDB Invest’s Infrastructure and Energy Division chief in December 2019, said an IDB Invest spokesperson.

He will now work in Santander’s London office as global head of Private Debt Mobilization (PDM).

Meanwhile, Felipe Ezquerra, who served for approximately three years as IDB Invest’s head of Transportation in the Infrastructure and Energy Division, is now replacing Rodríguez de Colmenares as Acting Division Chief.

Prior to join IDB Invest in 2017, Ezquerra had worked as CFO at Arteris, among the largest toll-road operators in Brazil.

Rodríguez de Colmenares is returning to Santander, where he worked in the São Paulo office as deputy chief risk officer.

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