InfraDeals provides data for PwC & Global Infrastructure Investors Association (GIIA) report

22 March 2017 - 12:00 am UTC

InfraDeals provided data for a joint PwC & Global Infrastructure Investors Association (GIIA) publication “Global infrastructure investment: The role of private capital in the delivery of essential assets and services”.

The Global Infrastructure Investment publication can be found here.

At the core of GIIA’s agenda is the need for an evidence based account of the contribution private capital can play in assisting governments around the world to deliver high quality essential assets and services to the communities they serve. There is now a wealth of evidence from bodies such as the World Economic Forum on the ‘infrastructure gap’ that exists in both the developed and developing world. Likewise, it is widely recognised that high quality infrastructure serves societies in terms of contributing to economic growth, local jobs and strong and vibrant communities. Private investors, working alongside governments, can play a profound and positive role in the delivery of world class infrastructure. This report, produced in partnership with PwC, provides examples of the impact that has been made globally. The funds, which often represent individuals investing in their pensions for their retirement, are looking for long-term stable returns. Professional investors who are the custodians of these funds take a long-term view by investing in the assets they own, often transcending political and economic cycles, to improve the performance of the businesses and services they own. There are wide ranging views of the role of private capital for infrastructure assets. We believe that the case studies in this document demonstrate the positive outcomes that can be achieved where the public sector, regulators and investors collaborate to create fair, transparent and open frameworks that both attract investment and represent the interests of the consumers that ultimately pay for the services provided. We welcome an open dialogue on the future of infrastructure investment and the positive contribution private capital can play in helping societies achieve their ambitions. If you wold like to find out more about GIIA and its advocacy role, please visit I am grateful to PwC and GIIA members for their contribution to this report.

Andy Rose CEO, GIIA