Inframation’s Daniel Davies quoted by S&P Global on outlook for US infrastructure

22 November 2017 - 12:00 am UTC

Inframation’s co-head of research, Daniel Davies, was quoted by S&P Global discussing the outlook for US infrastructure investment in light of President Trump’s infrastructure efforts.

“The industry is slightly perturbed by the lack of action in the first year, but remains optimistic that the president will call on his private-sector relationships and construction background to deliver a boost to the industry,” said Daniel Davies, the co-head of research at Acuris company Inframation, an infrastructure data provider. “The infrastructure community is extremely well placed to capitalize on a project boom.”
He said that in 2017, Inframation estimates the U.S. market for public-private partnerships is valued at $5.26 billion and the pipeline for 2018 “looks very promising.”
“Private finance is in abundance and ready to be deployed, it just needs the public sector to get their ducks in a row,” Davies said in an interview.
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