Latin America: Peru slated to hire advisors on Lake Titicaca project 

04 September 2018 - 12:00 am UTC

ProInversión is expected to hire CAF (The Latin American Development Bank) to carry out supplementary financial and legal studies for the Lake Titicaca waste-water treatment project, Inframation understands.

The contract award is to take place at 11:30 Peruvian time (12:30 EST).

A source close to the deal stated that Dutch headquartered advisory KPMG has closely considered presenting bids for those studies.

ProInversión is still seeking bidders for supplementary technical studies and the project’s technical supervisory mandates.

In June, the project opened a full international tender after third party proponents Veolia and FCC Aqualia expressed interest in participating against the original proponent. The original project proponent is an Acciona-Tedagua JV named “Aguas de Puno”, which has been developing the project since 2014.

One of those third parties which officially expressed interest, French developer Veolia, is understood to have contracted Peruvian law firm Rebaza, Alcazar & De Las Casas as legal advisor.

Project proponents

Bidders beyond the original proponent and two other parties who expressed interested ahead of the deadline might have tough sledding if they intend to participate, said three sources close to the situation.

This is the first private initiative in Peru in which bidders can participate in the project beyond the proponent and those who officially expressed initial interest before that deadline of 19 June. However, bidders might be deterred by the project’s denomination being in Peruvian soles, tight deadlines and the strong chances of success of the original proponent and the other two parties.

Multiple sources stated that the authorities are keen to award the project before the end of 2019, which has led to an aggressive timeline.

The revised deadline for Expressions of Interest in the full international tender is 1 October.

On 12 November, the first round of bids are due. The second and third rounds of bids due on 13 December.

A full timeline is available [asset1]

Full project details are available here.

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