Peru seeks proposals on two PPPs worth USD 3.8bn

03 January 2019 - 12:00 am UTC

Peru opened the window for private proposals relating to two separate PPP projects worth USD 3.8bn on 29 December, according to Peru’s official bulletin, El Peruano.

The projects in question are a package of regional airports worth USD 600m and a train project worth USD 3.2bn.

Inframation first reported in November 2017 that the terms of study reference for the airport projects were drawn up.

The USD 600m airport package comprises the development of the “Third Tranche” of eight regional airports and will involve upgrades to passenger terminals, runways, taxi ranks and airport docking facilities. The projects in question are the following:

Region Province City/District
Junín Jauja Jauja
Huánuco Huánuco Huánuco
Cajamarca Jaén Jaén
Moquegua Ilo Ilo
Ancash Santa Nuevo Chimbote
San Martín Rioja Rioja
Huánuco Leoncio Tingo María
Loreto Alto Amazonas Yurimaguas

The USD 3.2bn train project running 323km from Lima to Ica will be a passenger and freight. It will have multiple stations and a maximum speed of 200km per hour.

Should these projects be approved, they would advance as co-financed, private initiatives. This means that the developer would be responsible for raising an initial amount of capex, which would be followed by a state provided amount. Revenue would likely come in the form of governmental payments.

Following the issuance of the decree, interested parties will have until end of March to submit proposals for the projects to ProInversión – the country’s procurement and investment agency. This pertains to draft proposals. Interested parties will then have 30 working days (until 15 May) to present the full proposals.


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