Site Selection Magazine reports on InfraAmericas’ 2016 US P3 Review

23 January 2017 - 12:00 am UTC

InfraAmericas’ recent review into the US P3 market was recently reported on by Site Selection Magazine. Adam Bruns uses InfraAmericas intelligence to highlight the challenges and opportunities faced by major US infrastructure project finance organisations.

InfraAmericas, part of MergerMarket’s InframationGroup operation, this week released its 2016 year in review of the US P3 market. At Site Selection’s request, the research organization sent further recent reports for context. While most infrastructure financings and deals have to do with transportation projects, there’s ample evidence of the growing profile of P3 when it comes to energy projects too.

According to the US review, the United States continues to have the world’s largest project finance market, accounting for 236 deals, narrowly beating the UK’s 231 return for 2016. “At a deal value level the US accounted for US$79.42 billion, almost double that of the second biggest country, Australia,” said the report. “The US market has increased in size every year since 2006, when just 19 deals were recorded.”