Transurban traffic decline accelerates as travel restrictions tighten

16 April 2020 - 12:00 am UTC

ASX-listed Transurban today reported a 4.8% on-year average traffic decrease across its motorways for the first three months of 2020 as the COVID-19 outbreak kept people indoors.

The decline became more dramatic in the past two weeks as countries including Australia, the US and Canada imposed stricter travel restrictions. The average daily traffic plunged 48% in the week of 29 March and 47% in the week starting 5 April, compared with a year earlier, the company said in a quarterly update.

Freight corridors on motorways including the M7 in Sydney reported less pronounced declines, partly because larger vehicles are using them to meet increased demand for home delivery orders. Average daily traffic volumes in the city fell 5.2% on year to 771,000 trips.

In Melbourne, traffic dropped 6.7% to 799,000 trips, while in Brisbane the decline was 2.2% to 391,000 trips. 

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