UK asset manager appoints wind head

09 November 2018 - 12:00 am UTC

John Laing Capital Management has hired Joe Hardy, formerly with Temporis Capital, in the new position of head of wind asset management.

Hardy (Head of wind asset management) joined John Laing in London this month following seven years at Temporis, another U.K.-based asset manager that specializes in renewable energy investments.

As head of asset management at Temporis since 2014, Hardy pursued investment and development of wind, solar, hydro and biomass projects in the U.K. and other selected regions, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Hardy’s appointment to John Laing comes as the company follows a spate of onshore wind investment across the U.K., continental Europe and Australia in recent years.

Many of these onshore wind farms have been divested to John Laing Environmental Asset Group, the company’s listed environment infrastructure fund.

With fewer opportunities for greenfield onshore wind investment in the U.K., John Laing has increasingly sought out offshore wind stakes, acquiring 30% of Nordergrunde in the German North Sea in 2016.

Earlier this year it also formed a joint venture with Glennmont Partners to bid for a share of the Triton Knoll offshore wind park off the U.K., but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Ross McArthur, regional managing director for Europe, recently resigned from John Laing as first reported by SparkSpread on October 22.

head of wind asset management.

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